Organic products SERENDI creat paper from bamboo


Orthodox Black Tea, CTC Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Fruit Flavored Tea etc. Our tea is of the highest quality, great taste and rich history. Our products are natural, delicious, aromatic that satisfy even the most demanding customers.



SERENDI VIET NAM COMPANY LIMITED established in 2019 is located in Hanoi capital – the center of Vietnamese economics, science, and politics. Our company specializes in the import and export of agricultural products, food, consumer, and medical products. Our products are available in many areas: EU, USA, China, UAE, etc…

The key objectives of our company are maintenance of our reputation and maximization of customer satisfaction. So far we have won our customers loyalty thanks to our good quality, certificated by not only national authorities but also international qualified control companies. In fact, Vietnam is an enormous potential market for producing various agricultural and industrial products. Additionally, our country has a long coastline which is convenient for international trade. Based on these advantages, we have burnt our desire to distribute great products all over the world.

With professional services, along with senior management capacity, skillful and well-trained staff, SERENDI CO., LTD brings high-quality products, on time delivery guarantee, reasonable price to meet the different needs and demands of our customers.

With many years’ experience in exporting, it has fostered an extensive knowledge on the products and market to our company which has built our customer trust and loyalty.


Delicately processed from two types of premium Arabica and Robusta Coffee, Green Bean Coffee, Spray-Dried Instant Coffee, Roasted Coffee, Serendi Coffee Standard delivers the full definition of a perfect cup of coffee. It is a cup of coffee in dark colours, viscid but enough to have a satisfied appearance. The light taste and bitterness, with the aroma of dark chocolate, fruit, and herbs, which are the perfect choices for coffee-lovers who want to enjoy authentic coffee.


hand made


Witnessing the Covid-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of many people around the world. Recognizing the importance of medical products, Serendi Care was established to realize the noble mission of taking care of the health of the whole community. We provide medical products that cater to the urgent needs at this time such as medical face mask 3/4 layers, reusable cloth face mask, medical nitrile gloves, non-surgical/reusable isolation gown and coverall, gel hand sanitizer, wipe etc.

Disposable syringe

SERENDI’s reputation is greatly based on customer’s satisfaction so we build our business based on the slogan:

 “Customer’s satisfaction, our success”.